Flower Water

by Eric Ian Farmer

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The title, Flower Water, symbolizes an answer being revealed to you even before you express your need.


released December 21, 2012

My continued gratitude to a lotta folks: my father, Edgar Farmer, for (among many other supportive things) helping me to create the disc's pre-version; Scott Andrew James, whose love story inspired "Love Thing, Part 1: The Wedding" and whose book, Sidewalk Ritual, inspired "When You [Side]Walked Into the Room"; Mindy Johnson for sharing her mother's wisdom; Eli Byrne for gifting studio time and flute magic for "Mothers Wisdom"; Bill Filer for use of a better guitar on "Mothers Wisdom" and his savvy in the studio; Pastors Donald R. Ingram and Dan Nold, for sermons I drew from for the lyrics in "Seed"; Xception (aka Donnie Adams) for the lead-off verse on "Breathe and Believe" and Meena (who I've still never met) for her voice -- all the way from India -- which served as the track's inspiration; Dylan John Western and Noelis Marquez for the photography and image editing on the album's front cover (also used as the digital album art); my cousin, Darnell Clark, for the 'peace in the middle of chaos'-themed painting featured on the back cover of the now-sold-out physical copies; and Robin Sukhadia and Raluca Ioanid whose generosity made it such that I would have a guitar to play.



all rights reserved


Eric Ian Farmer State College, Pennsylvania

No doubt, I sing for the love of it. If you have a mic for me to blow, maybe the people in the way back will feel some of the love, too.

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Track Name: Love Thing, Part 1: The Wedding
She said to He
something that made He realize
that He had grown used to not committing,
to living within his fear.
So right then He got down on a knee and proposed.
And She said, "Yes!"
Then He said, "I did not bring a ring for this occasion.
I did not know I would ask you to marry me today."
Then She pulled down a box of jewels and tools
and they commenced to making their own
engagement ring.

Only this one thing
I have nothing
more than this love thing
for you

I want that we
never want for anything
I used to have many things
but they were just
cluttering my heart
wants to sing you a song
I hope that you will hear


I'm not scared to love anymore
I see fear as an open door
I've stepped through to the other side
thankful for you: my groom, my bride

Born in distant crimson carriages
Brought together in an oceanside marriage
by a love that makes me wanna sing
by a love that makes its own wedding ring
by a love that can hold anything
and everything

Track Name: When You [Side]Walked Into the Room
Landing here from the water,
constantly searching for signs:
like even though I've been with you all day,
still there's only me
on my mind

How dare you take control
of the situation?
I thought I had control
of the situation!
Now you're just embarrassing me!

I didn't mean to,
but I don't want you
that way
I just need you to help me
find my way
Is it with you?

Why couldn't this be easy?
Why couldn't I make up my mind?
Why couldn't this be easy?

My brother, won't you help me?
My brother, won't you help me
when I'm down?

I searched out a wise friend
who looked me in the eye.
The answer to your question
is all choked up inside!
(Inside of you)

It's not out there
It came in
when you walked into the room!

If you go lookin' for it...

it's not out there
It came in
when you walked into the room!
Track Name: Mothers Wisdom feat. Eli Byrne
Go forward with courage,
give from the heart,
and keep a sense of humor
all along the way.

Live life from the inside.
Take care of the ones
who take care of you

Sky and Earth
flow into each other's hearts,
and they are
a part of you.

From a little child,
her mother told her,
sometimes she scolded her
for living beneath her blessing,
short of her calling.
She hears that wisdom echo
in all she sets her hands
to do.


"My child,
I wish you more smiles than tears.
This life
we've been given,
you can choose
to fear or love it,
but you'll never be
above it
or anything it.

Within it
you will find your
beautiful gift: And that gift is you!
Use your gift and...

Track Name: Seed
Famine in the land
Children without a hand to hold
Just like the farmer who doesn't understand
still knows that change can be grown,

I will pray for the changes
that need to start
within me
So I ask You God,
"What needs to die
in me?"
Pray for the changes
that need to start
within me
So I ask you God,
"What needs to die
in me?"

As I spread Your seed
I am Your seed
Breathe life into me, God

I didn't have to ask You
to be my daily bread
Faith like a mustard seed
that's all I need
That's what You said

So maybe that miracle
I've been praying for
is already in my hands
Bless me to see
Bless me to be
a blessing


Track Name: Breathe and Believe feat. Xception and Meena
Thankful I'm able to breathe and believe
not only in me but the people I see
Equals they be,
hand-in-hand with me
we defeaters of evil and plans to deceive
leaders that see through the land and the trees
to land that would greet us when we was in need
Then lo and behold in our hands was a seed
we bent down to plant it with blood on our knees
From ground to the heavens
it grew and was free
from sound it had leaven
the truth in the Three



Espiritu Sanctu
Jesu Christu


Oh, Creator, I can tell you why I sing!